RDX Blue Kids Boxing Gloves

RDX Blue Kids Boxing Gloves Review

RDX Blue Kids Boxing Gloves Review

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves Blue with focus pads made by RDX Kara. This boxing glove bundle is made with Maya Hide convex skin leather, which is extremely protective of your wrists while still being incredibly comfortable.

By evenly distributing force throughout the glove, Max-ShockTM Equilibrium FOAM creates the ideal shock absorber. Focus pads with Polygonal Fusion MOULD help absorb shock and keep hands from getting tired during intense exercise.

The Quadro Dome3 technology offers sufficient protection against blows, and the combination of the SpongeX PADDING and Calibrated Impact Diffusion SHEET helps to preserve wrist posture.

The boxing gloves' QD-1 lining and focus pads' precisely positioned perforations offer optimal airflow and guarantee a sweat-free fighting experience.

  • Tactfully positioned perforated holes can be found in the palm. With a sweat-wicking inner lining, these junior boxing gloves for kids provide the best possible ventilation and thermal regulation to keep hands feeling as fresh as possible.

  • By maintaining your thumb in line with your fist during strikes, ATTACHED THUMB SUPPORT ensures the safety of both you and your sparring partner. Develop your rhythms of speed, accuracy, and focus while having some punching fun. Ages six to twelve are the recommended range for sizes.

  •  These children's boxing sparring gloves' MAYA HIDE LEATHER structure makes them resistant to splits, rips, and cracks. Practice your hooks, punches, and crosses while keeping your hands well-protected. Try your hand at bag-to-mitt work, kickboxing, and muay thai.

  • To keep the impact away from small hands, the combination of foam padding includes a calibrated impact diffusion sheet, DenZo-Tron foam, Sponge X Padding, Spongy Black top fabric, and an infused shock dispersion sheet.

  •  QUICK EZ HOOK-AND-LOOP is simple to put on and take off the strap. It provides a safe, snug fit around the wrists so there's no need to worry about it slipping or sliding.

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The robust Maya hide leather that makes up the RDX Kids boxing gloves can be utilized for sparring or with punch bags. The junior boxing gloves are made of high-quality materials, are long-lasting, and have a multi-layered padding design that reduces impact and maximizes performance in the gym.

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